Green Security Officers

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Secureone, Inc. has the professional security officers you need to protect your people and property around the clock while being sensitive to the environment and the community around them. We have experienced experts in all areas of security to accommodate any security need.

Our green security officers are:

  • Well trained and managed. Our green security officers are trained to minimize their carbon footprint, which includes obeying speed limits, using pre-determined routes to minimize fuel consumption and being mindful of waste disposal.
  • Environmentally responsible. Our green security officer uniforms are made from locally sustainable materials.
  • Online and paperless. Officer reporting is handled online with email alerts to the client and management. Our system has unlimited reporting capabilities with secure online storage for 7 years. Officer payroll can be handled through direct deposit and client payments can be handled through paperless wire transfer.
green security officers

Call us at 800-807-5750 or Request a Quote online to learn more about the Green Security Officers option from Secureone. Start getting the kind of personal, responsive security our officers are known for while minimizing your carbon footprint. It's the smart thing to do.