Green Security Patrol

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Our green security patrol services help reduce problems at your site or community while minimizing the impact on the environment. Officers and field supervisors are dispatched and monitored so we know where every vehicle is at all times to minimize response travel distance and time.

Our green security patrols are:

  • Powered by technology. Our GPS-powered, state-of-the-art Patroltrac technology allows real-time, electronic reporting of security and safety issues as they occur.
  • Fuel efficient. Our green security patrol fleet is comprised of environmentally friendly hybrid or electric vehicles, like the Toyota Prius and other eco-sensitive makes and models. Officer routing is designed to minimize fuel consumption and save time.
  • Environmentally friendly. We follow a rigorous fleet maintenance schedule designed to help reduce fuel consumption and keep emissions to a minimum.
  • Online and paperless. All reporting and billing is handled electronically. Our system has unlimited reporting capabilities with secure online storage for 7 years. Clients can even set up wire transfer arrangements to eliminate the use of paper checks and envelopes.
green security patrol

Call us at 800-807-5750 or Request a Quote online to learn more about the Green Security Patrol option from Secureone. Start getting the kind of personal, responsive security patrol we're known for while minimizing your carbon footprint. It's the smart thing to do.